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Advantages for using Ratchet Straps

Feb 09, 2018

Advantages for using Ratchet Straps


Ratchet belt is also called the cargo lashing belt,ratchet strap, is the use of the goods transportation, mobile, shipment or storage of fixed function, they have the lock, will not fall off, safe and reliable, portable, easy to operate, protect the object from damage.

It can be applied to all kinds of environment according to different hook type. It is also known as a binder, a fastener, a fastener, and a military strap.


1. Save time and effort, this product is used to allocate a thousand catties, one operation can make the belt produce huge binding force and fast binding.

2. Safe and durable, this product USES special steel for the machine parts, strong acid and alkali resistant fiber material combination.

3. Easy operation, quick binding, no shedding, quick release, easy operation, easy recovery, no space.

4. No damage to the goods. The product is made of flat woven fabric with fiber material. The force points are scattered, soft and never hurt the goods.

Fixed function in the transportation, movement, loading or warehousing of goods. They are secure, reliable, lightweight and easy to operate and protect the object from damage.

 rachet belt with j hook.jpg



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