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Definition of Hand Trolley and How do we use it Safely

Jan 29, 2018

Definition of Hand Trolley and How do we use it Safely

Hand trolley can be divided into gear trolley and plain trolley. They can lift heavy objects,operate freely in the lower flange of the I-beam, and wheel rim spacing can be adjusted according to the width of the I-track, the chain block hanging below the crane can be composed of manual lifting transferring trolley.


The hand trolley is widely used in factories, mines, docks, warehouses, construction sites, monorail car for the installation of machinery and equipment, lifting goods occasions, monorail car especially for non-power locations.

Hand trolley is safe to use, easy to maintain. The trolley wheel spacing adjustment easy, for a variety of I-beam. Hand trolley left and right wall hinge link, under the action of gravity, can be adjusted height, so that the four wheels force evenly.


Notes for using hand trolley.
1.The hand trolley is not allowed to exceed the rated load capacity.

2. The hand trolleylifting heavy objects, no person walking under heavy objects or work.

3. Bearings and rails should be regularly filled with grease, and check whether the fasteners loose.

4. Hand trolley lifting heavy objects should make its center of gravity in the plane of the I-beam web, or do not lift. Monorail car operation should be hand-pulled chain force in the center of the bracelet wheel plane, not cable-stayed.

5. Monorail trolley Hand-pulledmonorail car is supported by I-beam, so deformation, twisting, cracking or not conforming to standard and other defects of I-beam can not be used as monorail.


If you still have any problem for the hand trolley, please just contact us.


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