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Do You Choose the Standard Materials for Lifting Snatch Block or Pulley Block?

Feb 05, 2018

Do You Choose the Standard Materials for Lifting Snatch Block or Pulley Block?

1.Hook: The use of national standard safety hook, made of high quality alloy steel forging. Rally coefficient of 3 times coefficient.


2.pulleys: cast iron (high strength and toughness, but larger wear on the wire rope, hoisting only large equipment before use) Pulley (light weight, high hardness, suitable for large pulleys

Manufacturing): Low hardness, the use of wire rope damage.


3.pulley core sleeve:

1-powder metallurgy iron sets of wheel core: low cost, widely used, suitable for small tonnage of slow speed pulley;

2-needle roller bearing wheel: flexible rotation, compression and durability;

3-wear-resistant composite brass sleeve wheel: good wear resistance, high load, low coefficient of friction, suitable for lifting load, but can not form a lubricating film occasions, used for more rounds of large pulley;


4.roller bearing wheel: national standard bearings, according to the lifting tonnage, using different specifications for high-speed operation, maintenance-free, but the high cost.



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