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Ductility can help reduce the chance of chain rigging rupture

Feb 27, 2018

Ductility can help reduce the chance of chain rigging rupture


Any product re-use process may occur unexpected situation, of course, the chain rigging is no exception. Some customers reflect the sudden use of some of the chain rigging does not work.

Chain rigging is often not used alone when used, often a lot of complex structural combinations together, which requires us to mechanically consider the impact of stress analysis on the chain sling of the rigging.


Of course, at this point the chain rigging should have a certain degree of ductility is better, because the resumption of lifting if suddenly force without tensile properties, then the chain rigging itself will carry too much instantaneous tensile stress, which Tensile stress easily exceeds the ultimate tensile force it can withstand.

And if there is a certain elastic tension, then it will play a buffer role in the lifting of the home, which can greatly reduce the risk of fracture, especially the chain rigging.


To avoid the safety problems of chain rigging, we should start with the use, that is to say, start with the training of staff and train the staff's skills and knowledge.



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