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Easy tips to repair the electric hoist quickly.

Jan 23, 2018

Easy tips to repair the electric hoist quickly.

Question 1:When starting the electric hoist, the motor does not turn, can not lift heavy objects

Ways: ⑴ Please check you excessive overload use or not, overload is not allowed to use.

voltage than the rated voltage lower than 10%, and other voltage back to normal.

electrical failure, broken wire or poor contact, check the electrical maintenance and wiring.

brake wheel and rear cover rust bite, take the brake wheel off, remove the brake wheel, rinse the surface clean.

motor sweep the breech, according to the fault number 9 processing.

Wire too thin, replace the wire.

Question 2: The brake of the electric hoist is not reliable, falling more than the required distance.

Ways: ⑴ due to wear large brake ring or other reasons, the pressure of the ring is reduced. Adjust the pressure of the brake ring.

brake ring and rear cover cone contact poor, remove the grinding.

braking surface oil, remove the clean it.

brake ring loose, replace the brake ring.

pressure spring fatigue, replace the spring.

coupling movement ineffective or stuck, check the connection part.

Taper rotor movement is too large, according to the regulation.

Question 3: The temperature of motor is too high

Ways:   ⑴ overload use,reduce the frequent use.

too frequent operations, reduce the number of operations.

brake distance is too small, running the brake ring is not completely disconnected, the equivalent of additional load. Readjust it.

Questions 4:  Big noise from the reducer.

Way: ⑴ poor lubrication, disassembled it and check.

Question 5: when the motor starts, it appears to humming.

Ways: ⑴ less power and motor phase, overhaul or replace the contactor.

Question 6: The hoist can not be started after parking during work.

Ways: (1) low voltage fluctuations, such as voltage recovery and then start.

overload lifting,reduce the frequent use.

Question7: can not stop after starting, or to the limit position, still do not stop.

Ways:  ⑴ contac tcontactor melting, quickly cut off the total power supply.

⑵ limiter failure, exchange contacts

stopper within the head then wrong, overhaul limit line

Question 8: reducer leakage.

Ways:   ⑴ box and the lid between the seal assembly bad or failure damage, remove the maintenance or replacement of seals.

coupling screw is not tightened, tighten the screw.

excessive fuel, according to the provisions of fuel.

If you have any other questions to repair, please just contact us.


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