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Germany Alloy Steel G80 Lifting Chain with CE Certificates

Jan 15, 2018

Germany Alloy Steel G80 Lifting Chain with CE Certificates

Lifting chain can adjust the length of the chain according to the lifting height of objects. It plays a necessary and important role in lifting and rigging fields. For it can improves the operation efficiency of cranes and enlarging the operation scope of cranes.


Difference for lifting chains            

1.Transmission chain: mainly used to transfer the power            

2.Conveyor chain: mainly used to transport materials and goods.            

3. Traction chain: mainly used for pulling and lifting the objects           

4. Special chain: a chain which is mainly used for special mechanical devices with special functions and structures.       


How to Maintaining the Lifting Chains

1. The chain guide should not be skewed and swinging on the shaft. In the same transmission assembly, the end faces of the two chain guides  should be located in the same place. When the center distance of the chain guide is less than 0.5 meters, the allowable deviation is 1 millimeters. When the center distance of the chain guide is above 0.5 meters, the allowable deviation is 2 mm. But it is not allowed to have the side phenomenon of the friction chain gear teeth. If the two wheels are moved too large, it is easy to produce chain and accelerate wear. It is necessary to check and adjust the offset when changing the chain guide of the lifting chains            

2. The tightness of the lifting chain should be appropriate, if it was too tight, the power consumption is increased, the bearing is easy to wear. If it is too loose, the chain will off direction. The better tightness of the chain is that the center distance of the two chain guides is about 2%-3% from the middle of the chain or under the pressure of the chain.  

3. The new lifting chain will be difficult to adjust when the chain is too long or elongated after use. However, we can removed some sections for the chain to adjust, but the number of movement of the chain must be even. The link should pass through the back of the chain, and the lock is inserted outside, and the opening of the lock should be in the opposite direction of the rotation.            

4. We should change new chain guide and lifting chain when the chain is  badly worn. A new chain or a new chain guide can not be replaced alone. Otherwise, it will cause the bad meshing to speed up the wear of the new chain or the new chain wheel.

5. Never use the old lifting chain and parts of the new chain together, otherwise it is easy to have the impact in the transmission and pull the chain.       


6. Put lubricating oil in the lifting chains before it works. The lubricating oil must enter the clearance between the roller and the inner sleeve in order to improve the working conditions to reduce the wear.  

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