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How do we forged our rigging hardware better than others?

Jan 19, 2018

How do we forged our rigging hardware better than others?

Generally,Forging is utilizes a forging machine to apply pressure to a metal. The big power can cause it to deform to achieve mechanical properties. In this way, we can make the material into shapes that we want. So it become our rigging hardware including shackles, hooks, links and so on.


For the rigging and lifting industry, we usually use free forging or die forging.

Free forging refers to the use of simple tools, or forging equipment between the upper and lower anvil directly to the blanks exert an external force, so that deformation of the blank to obtain the desired geometry and internal quality forgings processing methods.

Forgings produced by free-forging methods are called free forgings. Free forging is based on the production of small quantities of forgings, using forging hammer, hydraulic forging equipment for forming the blank, access to qualified forgings.

Free forging basic processes include upsetting, drawing, punching, cutting, bending, twisting, misalignment and forging and so on. Free forging are hot forging method.


Die forging can also divided into open die forging and closed die forging. Metal billet in forging die with a certain shape of the cavity obtained by forging, die forging generally used for the production of small weight, large quantities of parts. Forging can be divided into hot forging, warm forging and cold forging. Warm forging and cold forging is the future direction of forging, but also represents the level of forging technology.


In order to ensure our rigging all in perfect condition, we use professional forging to keep our goods.

1. We have simulation technique of heat treatment, so it can help us to make the material in right temperature.

2. We have advanced forging machine including forged press 2500 ton, vertical tensile testing machine, fatigue strength testing machine and so on.

3. We control the temperature of heat treatment with numerical control of heat treatment furnace machine so that we can ensure each products’ quality.

4. We have CNC mold machining center to make the mold to our technical requirements.

5. We have our own material analysis lab, we will analysis our material carefully and decide which is better for use.


That why our factory is different from others. We have all necessary and advanced machine to ensure our products.

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