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How to Maintennance the G80 Lifting Chain

Jan 25, 2018

How to Maintennance the G80 Lifting Chain

1. When using the G80 chains, remember to put filling lubricate oil timely. The lubricating oil must put in the mating clearance between the roller and the inner sleeve in order to improve working conditions to reduce wear.


2. Old lifting chain can not mix with new chain, otherwise it will easily to produce impact in the transmission, pull off the chain.


3. After long time use of lifting chain or the sprocket is worn seriously, new sprockets and new chain guide should be replaced at the same time to ensure good meshing.


4. The new lifting chain is too long or extended after use, difficult to adjust, you can see the situation removed links, but must be even. The chain links should pass through the back of the chain with the locking tabs inserted outside, with the opening of the locking tabs facing in the opposite direction of rotation.


5. Tightness of the lifting chain should be appropriated, too tight to increase power consumption, easy to wear bearings; too loose chain easy to beat and off. Degree of tightness of the chain: lifting or pressing down from the middle of the chain, the center distance between the two sprockets is about 2% -3%.


6.Chain guide mounted on the shaft should not skew and swing. In the same transmission assembly, the sprocket end faces should be in the same plane. When the sprocket center distance is less than 0.5m, the allowable deviation is 1mm.


When the sprocket center distance is more than 0.5m, the allowable deviation is 2mm. But not allowed to have a friction sprocket flank phenomenon, if the two are too large and easy to produce displacement and accelerated wear and tear. Care must be taken to check and adjust the offset when changing sprockets.

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