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Important Notes for Use Electric Hoist

Jan 21, 2018

Important Notes for Use Electric Hoist

Electric hoist is a special lifting equipment which installed on the overhead crane or gantry crane. Electric hoist is in small size, light weight, and its easy to finish operation, as a result, we usually use it in industrial and mining enterprises, warehousing, docks and other places.

(1) Check before every use

a. The worker there should make sure there is no obstructions and floating objects on the line of sight through which the weight passes.

b. Make sure the manual control buttons including up and down, left and right direction should be accurate and sensitive action, motor and gear should be no abnormal sound.

c. Brake should be sensitive and reliable.

d. There should be no objects on the running track of electric hoist.

e. Upper and lower limiter action should be accurate and sensitive.

f. Hook stopper nut should be securely fastened.

g. Hook in the horizontal and vertical rotation should be flexible.

h. Hook pulley should be flexible rotation.

i. There should be no obvious cracks on the wire rope, neatly arranged on the reel, without disengagement of the pulley groove, chaos twisting, overlapping buckle and other signs and good lubrication.

j. Hanging aids without exception.

k. Electric hoist working environment temperature is -25 ~ +40


l. Electric hoist can not apply to places filled with corrosive gases or relative humidity greater than 85%.

The general type electric hoist can not replace the explosion-proof hoist, should not be hauled molten metal or toxic, flammable and explosive materials.

(2) Electric hoist shall not be side hanging heavy objects, prohibit the use of overload.

(3) In the process of using, the operator should always check whether the wire rope is chaotic buckling, knotting, dropping groove, wear and so on. If it appears, it should be ruled out promptly and the rope guider and the limit switch should be constantly checked whether it is safe and reliable.

(4) In the daily work can not artificially use stoppers to stop heavy lifting or stop equipment operation.

(5) After the work is done, turn off the main power switch, cut off the main power.

(6) Please check the main performance and safety status of the electric hoist once a week, and find out the fault in time.

If you still have problem for using your electric hoist, please just contact us.


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