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Important Notes for Using the Hydraulic Jack

Jan 24, 2018

Important Notes for Using the Hydraulic Jack

Hydraulic Jack is a safe and reliable lifting equipment, when we use it, we should follow the notes that mentioned.

(1) General hydraulic jack working medium is YB-N32 hydraulic oil. When the working temperature is lower than 10 ℃, YB-N22 hydraulic oil can be used instead. When working temperature is higher than 40 ℃, YB-N46 hydraulic oil can be used instead.

(2) The level of the fuel tank in work should always be kept at the center line of the oil standard to prevent the oil pump from getting empty. Refueling, the application of 120 mesh oil filter oil filter impurities. Frequently used, every 2 months to clean the filter, clean the tank once every six months, while replacing the new oil.

(3) Hydraulic Jack pump normal working temperature is 10 ~ 50 ℃. When the oil temperature is too high, cooling measures need to be taken or stop pump; when the oil temperature is too low, the need to take measures to warm or low-pressure operation to raise the oil temperature.

(4) Before starting the motor, the need to change the valve to half. Jog several times to prevent high-pressure pump suction air, remove the air before use.

(5) The working pressure set when the pump leaves the factory shall not be arbitrarily increased.

(6 The pump of the jack should checked annually. All parts with kerosene cleaning, pay attention to protect the jack with the mating surface, not random bump, after assembly, all moving parts should be flexible, no local resistance.


In this way, the hydraulic jack will in a good condition.

If you have any problems for the jack, please just contact us.


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