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Information for our Steel Lifting Clamps

Jan 16, 2018

Information for our Steel Lifting Clamps

The steel lifting clamps is a kind of lifting tools. We generally use it to lifting objects.


The steel lifting clamps can be divided into different type which including horizontal lifting clamps,vertical lifting clamps, turning clamps, double plate lifting clamps, single board lifting clamps, I-steel hanging clamps, steel pipe lifting clamps, round steel lifting clamps, pallet clamps and stacked steel plate clamps.           


The steel lifting plate is characterized by uniform distribution and horizontal lifting. When lifting objects, the horizontal hanging jaw can be opened and firmly clamped on the heavy objects to be loaded, and then lifted.


When dismantling, the heavy objects should be removed and the sling clamp should be removed without load. The vertical lifting steel plate clamp is equipped with self locking device, and the work is safe and reliable. The lifting clamps make our operation more convenience, high efficiency, and easy.


General Requirement of Steel Lifting Clamps

1. The surface of the steel plate clamp should be smooth, and the welding place should be well-welded , without slag, and no welding deformation.            

2. The steel plate clamp should not have cracks, breakage, rings, shaft holes and other cracks.            3. The steel plate clamps should slide freely.            

4.Steel plate clamps should be made by free forging or die forging.      

5.The steel plate clamp can choose two appropriate positions at the opening of the jaws to print the signs that are not easy to wear and detect the distance of the marks as the basis for detecting the deformation in the use.

6.The steel plate clamps must be tested with two times safety load and hold for at last five minutes. After unloading, complete inspection shall be carried out without permanent deformation.            

7. The opening degree of the steel plate clamps should be increased in the original size with 10%.           

8.The steel plate clamps should be always marked with safety load.



Notes for using the steel lifting clamps

1. Suspended loading and hanging operation shall be carried out by the qualified person.        2. Choose the right lifting clamps with your use.        

3.Never use the steel plate over load.

4.Please use the clamps in the allowable plate thickness range.            

5. Do not enter the scope of the lifting operation or the overturning area.           

6. Do not knocked or impacted the clamps.           

7.Do not make extreme movement or sharp stop of the clamps.           

8. In order to avoid lifting weight, please use more than 2 sling tongs for safety.            

9. Check before use every time.


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