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Knowledge and Application of Anchor Chain

Feb 12, 2018

Knowledge and Application of Anchor Chain

Cable anchor chain is the chain between the anchor and the ship, which is used to transmit and buffer the external forces of the ship. You can also generate some friction.

The anchor chain is classified according to the manufacturing method: cast steel anchor chain, flash welding anchor chain, forging chain; According to the link structure: a chain and a stud less chain; According to use: Marine anchor chain and Marine mooring chain; According to the grades of steel: AM1, AM2, AM3, and mooring chain, R3, R3S, R4, R4S, R5, etc.


Cable anchor chain is the steel Chain connecting the hull and anchor. The main function of anchor chain is: connecting the anchor and the ship, and passing the anchor to the hull; When anchoring, due to a certain weight of the hawse chain thrown, it can have a buffer effect on the air flow of the ship in the water. The anchoring force of the anchor chain on the bottom part of the water is good to the anchor. At the same time, this part of the chain is blocked by the soil and can provide a part of the anchorage force.


The application of cable anchor chain

1. The anchor chain should work, and the most basic condition is to hook things under the sea floor. If the chain is not long enough, the anchor will not work. If the bottom of the sea is smooth, or is the anchor caught in the things is not fixed, or hook is not too fast, if it is a calm can also, but the waves of the sea is too big, can not cause anchor hook, deprive the anchor role, this is called the "anchor", the ship was anchored, during a walk anchor, it is very dangerous, because the ship in the host are usually stopped when it broke down, and if we immediately, take time, have no incentive to ship floating around is very dangerous. So, the concept of anchorage, the anchorage, the meaning of the outside, rough under the sea, in addition, should be able to avoid the wind.


2. The weight of the anchor chain is negligible for the ship, and the friction will not make much difference. In general, the anchor chain is straight when the anchor is broken, which is basically negligible friction. If you're on the beach, you'll find a lot of small fishing boats, and their chains are thick ropes.


3.Above the ship, the chain is straight, but there is a section under water that is close to the bottom of the sea (which is actually attached to the bottom of the sea). Anchor holding power, and then through the chain transfer to ship to resist the effect of external load on positioning of ocean currents, waves, and it has been a is on the bottom is take into account the effects of stress. Think of it, an anchor, and a straight chain is easy to anchor. And there is a section of the ocean floor, which can provide a margin within a certain range is ok.


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