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Knowledge for Electric Chain Hoist

Jan 31, 2018

Knowledge for Electric Chain Hoist

Electric chain hoist is widely used in machinery manufacturing, electronics, automotive and other modern industrial production lines, assembly line and other occasions. Here is a brief introduction of the components and functions of electric chain hoist.


The Reducer: It is a three-stage fixed-axis helical gear drive gear and gear shaft are made of heat-treated alloy steel, box and lid are made of cast iron, so that you can keep the work inside Clean and well.


The Control box: Used to cut off the main circuit in case of emergency, with a device of up and down stroke limiter.


The Motor: Lifting motor using larger power brake asynchronous motor, without an external brake.


The Button switch: hand-operated, lightweight and handy.



Electric chain hoist gears are generally used helical gears, helical gears can reduce the impact between gear bite to extend the service life of gears.


Electric chain hoist gear, generally where are prone to problems?


First, the root of gear:

Electric chain hoist root is the most prone to problems, the root of the gear crack is a major cause of anomalies. Why can cause tooth root cracks? The reason is likely to create non-compliance, uneven distribution of the internal gear material is the result of the result; there may be fatigue cracks, we should not work long chain hoist, so as not to Dangerous.


Second, the tooth surface:

The most prone to the problem of the chain hoist tooth surface is wear. Wear can be divided into two types: abrasive wear and abrasive wear. Wear debris is likely to be due to the improper installation and commissioning of chain hoist, if the installation is not suitable, then easily lead to the ability of the gear to be consumed, it will lead to tooth surface is worn. If it is corrosive, it is most likely because of the chemical reaction of the material with some of the lubricants.


If you still have some problems for electric chain hoist, please just contact us.


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