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Knowledge of the use and maintenance of hardware rigging

Feb 26, 2018

Knowledge of the use and maintenance of hardware rigging.

1.When doing the rigging work, please protect the rigging products.                                                                      The rigging should be a sharp object with a sharp object. Do not drag and drop friction to cause wear and tear, avoid looting and high load operation, and take appropriate protective measures.

Correct selection of rigging, away from chemical damage. The materials used are different depending on their use. In different environmental or chemical pollution, we reminds our customers to consult before purchasing.

2.Ensure the safety working condition

The most important thing is to ensure the safety of people. Using rigging think environment is generally more dangerous, so again in the process of hoisting, should pay close attention to staff's job security, to remind staff to set up safety consciousness, safety measures, when necessary, to withdraw from the scene immediately.

3.Keep rigging products correctly

After finishing the work, it must be recovered and stored properly. The storage should first check whether the rigging is intact and recover the damaged rigging. If a short period of time not in use, must be thought of in a dry, well ventilated room, placed right on the shelf, avoid heat and direct sunlight, principle and chemical gas. Keep the rigging on the surface of clean, do a good job security.

4.Connecting the rigging products correctly

Choosing rigging specifications, should first to load the object's shape, size, weight and the investigation and calculation mode of operation, at the same time, external environment factors level of extreme conditions possible situation should be added to the formula. When choosing the rigging, choose the rigging according to the use mode, not only to have enough capacity to meet the demand, but also to consider whether.

5. Choosing the rigging products accroding to the environment

Rigging must check before normal use, and then lifting, should avoid to be distorted, twisted rope, links to the right place, in accordance with the hoisting rigging are in accordance with, and to keep it in vertical part of the sling, away from the hook load, in case of damage.


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