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Main Difference Between Carbon Steel Rigging Product and Alloy Steel Product

Mar 01, 2018

The Main Difference Between Carbon Steel Rigging Product and Alloy Steel Product

Carbon steel is the earliest and most common basic material in modern industry. He can not only be used in rigging, power accessories, hardware products. Also widely used in construction, bridges, railways, vehicles, communications and various machinery manufacturing industries. In recent years, the petrochemical industry, marine development and so on, have also been a lot of use.


Carbon steel usage

1.Q195 for the manufacture of smaller parts bearing a small welding and so on;

2.Q235 A.B grade for the manufacture of metal structures such as turnbuckle, wire rope clips, shackles, etc;

3.Q255 A for the manufacture of less demanding parts;

4.45 # For the manufacture of rigging, cargo hooks, rings, rings and other parts of high strength requirements.


Alloy steel usage

1.40cr: 40cr alloy steel, GB is our standard steel. 40cr alloy steel strength lower than 35crmo, but toughness higher than 35crmo, suitable for the manufacture of goods hooks, shackles, rings and so strong;

2.35crmo: 35crmo alloy steel is a high temperature and then have a higher long-lasting strength and creep strength, low temperature impact toughness better. Apply to make double ring buckle and so on



The difference between alloy steel and carton steel is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Alloy steel has lively elements;

2. Solidification temperature range changes;

3. Formation of solidified tissue;

4. Physical properties change;

5. Steel's high temperature performance changes;

6. Crack sensitivity


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