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Right Operation Steps for use Chain Block

Feb 23, 2018

Right Operation Steps for use Chain Block


1.Hand pull gourd before use, must carefully examine hand pull gourd to hoist the hook, lifting chain, rotating part should be flexible, the brake should be reliable, check whether the chain wheel cover is in good condition, whether the chain is finished.


2. According to the weight of the hanging equipment or work piece, select the hand pull gourd and hoist chain with the corresponding tonnage.The lifting tonnage, the diameter of the hoisting chain, the connecting bolt and the strength must match the requirements. In order to avoid happen safety accident.


3.No matter single or double line lifting chain hoist, the lifting hook is strictly prohibited.


4.The lifting point should be selected according to the weight of lifting objects, and the lifting point should be strengthened when necessary.


5.Before lifting the hoist, check the chain hoist chain without twisting and knot, and check the weight of lifting.

Whether the binding of the object is firm and reliable, the lifting hook assembly under the hand is not allowed to be flipped, and it is not allowed to use the hook tip of the hook.

Lifting weights, avoid slipping and tripping, resulting in decoupling.



6.When hanging from a bridge crane, a sling must be used as a suspension point to ensure the holding of the gourd.

The shackle bolt is full of cap and must be protected by secondary protection (bolt fastening).


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