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The correct use of Electric lifting Platform’s batteries and How to keep it in standard maintenance.

Jan 26, 2018

The correct use of Electric lifting Platform’s batteries and How to keep it in standard maintenance.

There are three types of lifting platform power, including electric power, diesel engine and direct current. The direct current usually adopts the battery as the main power source, and the external power supply can realize one-button lift. For such electric elevator, the battery In the use and maintenance of what skills? I will share with you.

battery charging and discharging process can not be reversed, the battery charging or discharging process can not be reversed, because the DC power supply easy to cause short circuit or explosion and other dangerous, therefore, look positive and negative, non-reverse.

do regular inspection, if there is a cell break, plate softening, plate short-circuit the phenomenon of active substances shedding. At this point, should promptly to the professional battery repair agencies to check, repair or with group.

(3) Do not store the power loss. The state of power loss means that the battery is not recharged after use. Sulfate is prone to occur. Sulfate crystals are attached to the plates, clogging the ion channels, resulting in insufficient charge and battery capacity reduction.

Electric lifting platform power shortage idle state longer, the more serious battery damage. When the battery is idle, you should charge it once a month, which can prolong the service life of the battery.

④ Pay attention to the charging time, the average charging time is about 8 hours. If the light discharge (charging mileage is very short), the battery will soon be full, continue charging will appear overcharge phenomenon, resulting in battery loss of water, heat, reduce battery life.

⑤ Keep battery in safety to prevent high temperature exposure is prohibited in the sun exposure. The temperature is too high environment will make the battery internal pressure increases and the battery pressure limiting valve is forced to automatically open, the direct consequence is to increase the battery of water loss, and excessive battery loss will inevitably lead to decreased battery activity, accelerate the plate softening, charging shell Body heat, the shell from the drum, deformation and other fatal injuries.

⑥ charging is prohibited during use, and some customers in order to save time, while charging, while using, this will seriously shorten the battery life, or even a security risk, so try to choose the night time or spare time for battery charging.


Electric lifting platform battery as a power source, reducing the constraints, convenient for outdoor operations, not subject to external power supply constraints, so in order to use for a long time, we must do a good job of battery maintenance, so that you can better play Excellent performance of electric lifts.

If you still have some problems for the electric lifting platform, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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