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The difference between Crosby shackles and Chinese Standard shackles

Mar 09, 2018

The difference between Crosby shackles and Chinese Standard shackles

As we all know, Crosby is a first-line brand in the rigging industry and has a long history of more than 100 years. It is a leader in the rigging industry. U-shaped shackles are one of their main products.

After centuries of precipitation, American-style crosby U-type shackles have been established based on their production practices.


Common American crosby U-type shackles are mainly G210 and G2150. Lifting G2150 shackles are hexagonal pins, also known as insurance shackles.

G210 shackle pin is fan-shaped. Compared with the above two kinds of standard shackles, domestic U-shaped shackles can be improved according to the actual application environment of customers, that is, designing drawings, and processing and customizing according to drawings.


Both Chinese Standard shackle and Crosby shackle safety factor up to 6:1.


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