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The right way to use chain block hoist

Jan 31, 2018

The right way to use chain block hoist

1.Before lifting objects, we should check the weight of heavy objects, choose the right capacity of the chain blocks.

2.Check every time before use.

3.Before each lifting operation should check whether the hook up and down.

Hook tip and other undesirable phenomena, hoisting chain should be suspended vertically, there must be no wrong twist of the chain, so as not to hanging chain stuck.

4.when its operating,we should be started slowly, To be lifting the chain after tightening , And then a comprehensive inspection of equipment and heavy objects Force situation, we must pay special attention to the lifting of the chain kink phenomenon found kinks must be adjusted, No abnormalities after the inspection can continue to work.

5.The author should stand in the same plane with the bracelet drag the bracelet, So that the bracelet wheel clockwise to rotate.

6.When the chain block is lifting the objects, do not pull the chain too heavy, if there is a problem, stop immediately and check the hoist.

If you have any problems for the chain block hoist, please just contact us.


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