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What Can a Hand Pallet Truck Do?

Jan 17, 2018

What Can a Hand Pallet Truck Do?

Manual hydraulic truck is a small and convenient handling tool. It is flexible to use, with big load capacity, its commonly known as "pallet truck" .


The pallet truck can transfer big goods easily.In order to facilitate taking off and landing goods, with a hydraulic device between the chassis and the wheel, you can easily push the car under the base of the container, and then use the hydraulic pressure to raise the chassis, Goods, you can drag the goods to move, reach the destination, the chassis will be hydraulic landing, the goods will also landed, you can easily withdraw the van.

Eliminating the complex process of manpower handling. Is a good helper for the handling of goods in the workshop.


Functions for the hand pallet truck.
1.the body of pallet truck is used heavy column steel, cold forming. It can make the truck frame stronger, safer, mobile and easy to operate.

2. Manual hydraulic truck cylinder choose high precision grinding pipe, oil seal imports, one-piece spool, easy to open and repair. Powered by foot, the promotion rate of circulation, greatly improving the security.

3. Manual hydraulic truck use the leading spray technology, improve the appearance of the goods and the added durability of the manual hydraulic truck.

4. Manual hydraulic truck is a pollution-free manual hydraulic truck, delivery sensitive, sensitive operation, turning radius and so on.

5.Manual hydraulic truck is a suitable production plant, production workshop, storage, railway stations, terminals, airports, etc., especially suitable for fire and explosion-proof needs of the place, such as print shop, all kinds of oil storage, chemical warehouse and other places.

6.Manual hydraulic truck depicted in the delivery, not only can reduce bump, scratches, etc., but also cut the workload and accumulation of positions, greatly improving the work efficiency.


We can choose the hand pallet truck when we are going to more something big, it can help us lot.

If you want to know the pallet truck more, please just contact us.


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