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What’s the difference between open pulley block and closed pulley block?

Feb 06, 2018

What’s the difference between open pulley block and closed pulley block?


Open pulley block is the lifting tackle that we often said, it is used as a simple, compact lifting tool, in the delivery of large objects, the ability to change its side To, and more than one block can also form a combination of pulley block, with winch and other machinery used in buildings, roads, bridges, metallurgy, mining, slope tunnel, well governance Protection and other infrastructure projects.


Closed pulley block, also known as lifting block pulley, due to the higher safety factor, often spare in the construction site staff-intensive, although more difficult to use, but the safety factor is high.

The construction will not occur the risk of slippery ditch, to ensure the safety of staff, so the general closure of the block used in staff-intensive places.

Protection and other infrastructure projects.

The difference when using two types of lifting pulley blocks

1. Multi-wheel closed mouth block, the connecting part is rotating rings or fixed rings, fixed rings need to consider the direction of suspension.


2. commonly used single pulley mostly open type, the connection part of the hook and ring two, hook or ring can be rotated, so no direction when hanging. When used first Hook or hanging rings down, open the shield on the opening of the baffle, put the rope into the wheel groove, and then lift the block can be locked baffle. If used on the ground or because of the pulley is not affected

Force will fall on their own, should always check the opening bezel is locked.



3.the changes in the direction of the force greater than the use of single-wheeled trolley or height, should use the ring-type trolley, if the use of hook-type trolley, the hook must be sealed

Insurance measures.


There are some tips for maintenance the lifting pulley blocks

First, when used to check the car shell, pulleys and other cracks, with the rope properly, the small rope with a rope will increase the friction and excessively curved rope.

Second, in the course of use, if there is creak noise, one is because the bearing damage, the pulley and the cheeks, shell friction; the other is because of lack of oil and the pulley Rotate ineffective, should be promptly replaced or refueling.

Third, the use of strength: iron pulley should not exceed the amount it provides; wooden pulley can not exceed the strength of its use of the hook.

Fourth, the pulley should be regularly refueling and maintenance, disassembly wheel, shaft, check the wear and tear and smooth flow of oil.


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