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America Hot Selling Stud Link Anchor Chains

Jan 03, 2018

America Hot Selling Stud Link Anchor Chains

Model: Anchor chain/Chain Cable is a steel chain connecting the hull and anchor.

The function of anchor chain

Connect the anchor and anchor to the hull of the ship, transfer in grasping force; at anchor, the anchor for throwing a certain weight, which can be caused by external forces such as wind on the ship in the water buffer; the bottom part of the chain of horizontal anchor force to maintain a level for reliable anchor holding.

At the same time, this part of the anchorage chain can also provide a part of anchorage because it is blocked by the soil.

The Type of anchor chain

According to the chain ring structure, the anchor chain can be divided into two types: Stud Chain and Studless Chain.

System link is provided with a transom, in size and material at the same time, there is no file file chain strength than the chain, small deformation, and piled up not easily twisted, widely used for modern large and medium-sized ship. No file chain link not only for small ships rung. The regulation stipulates that when the diameter of the anchor chain as required is no more than 17mm, it can be replaced by a wire rope or a fiber rope that is equal to the test load without a chain anchor or broken load.

The anchor chain is divided into the cast steel chain, the electric welding chain and the forging chain, according to its manufacturing methods. Steel cable with high strength, good rigidity, small deformation, wear resistance, rail is not easy to loose, long service life, and is suitable for mass production. Its disadvantages are complex process, high cost and poor impact resistance. The welding chain is formed by bending and welding of the required circular steel material. It has the advantages of advanced production technology, simple, low cost and good quality. The forging chain has good impact resistance, but the manufacturing process is complex, the cost is high, and the quality is unstable.

At present, the welding chain has been used most widely on merchant ships. Almost all of the anchor chains are made by flash welding method, and less casting chain is used. In addition to the forged parts of the anchor chain, the forging chain has been basically eliminated.
It is used to produce steel grade of anchoring chain, which is divided into three grades of M1, M2 and M3, and the cast steel chain is divided into M2 and M3 two. A (such as AM2) is represented by a file chain before the corresponding code, and B is a non - file chain (with BM1 and BM2 two). The higher the steel grade, the greater the tensile strength. The AM1 grade anchor chain steel is a sedative steel, and the AM2 and AM3 grade anchor chain steel are the whole town static fine crystal steel. For the same ship, the size of the chain ring can be reduced properly if the strength of the steel is selected.

The Constitution of anchor chain

A complete chain by many cable ring are connected with each other to form a certain length of the anchor section, and then a plurality of anchor section through the connecting links or shackle connect the whole chain.

Usage of anchor chain

The main function of the ship anchor is to fix and stabilize the ship. From the following aspects:

1.The anchor chain should play a role, and the most basic condition is to hook things on the seabed. If the anchor chain is not long enough, the anchor will not work. If the bottom is flat, or something that is not a fixed anchor hook, hook or not too strong, if it is in smooth water can also, but the waves are too big, cause the anchor hook not remember things, will make the anchor lose function, this is called "anchor", the ship at anchor during the walk anchor, is very dangerous, because the ship at anchor when hosts are stopped, if immediately set sail, need time, no power around the boat drift is very dangerous. Therefore, there is the concept of anchorage, anchorage, meaning, under the bottom of the sea is relatively rough, in addition, to be able to avoid the wind.

2.The weight of the anchor chain is negligible for the ship, and the friction will not play a great role. Generally speaking, the anchor chain is straight when it is anchored, which can basically ignore the effect of friction. If you are on the beach, there will be a lot of small fishing boats, their anchor chains are thick rope.

3. On the ship, the anchor chain is straight, but there is a section in the water that is parallel to the seabed (in fact it is attached to the bottom of the sea). The anchor provides the grasping force, and then passes it to the ship through the anchor chain, so as to resist the influence of the external load of the ocean current and the wind and waves on the location. Think of an anchor, anchor stiff pull easily anchor. And there is a section attached to the bottom of the sea to provide an margin that is possible within a certain range.

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