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America Open-Body Hook and Hook Turnbuckle

Jan 09, 2018

America Open-Body Hook and Hook Turnbuckle

  • Model NO.: M2-M60

  • Type: Hook & Hook Turnbuckle

    The turnbuckles also known as rigging buckle and the tight thread buckles, are used to bind the wire rope and so on.

    The turnbuckles are used to tighten the wire rope and adjust the tightness.

    The OO type is used for the occasions where the disassembly is not often used, and the CC type is used for frequently dismantling occasions, and the CO type is used to disassemble the other end often.

According to the different ways of forming the turnbuckle is divided into ordinary carbon steel, malleable iron, casting forging.

The current market is mainly ordinary carbon steel and forging two, ordinary steel turnbuckle is mainly used for important occasions such as static binding stable scene, garden wind, agricultural shed etc..

Forged orchid screws are used for lifting, freight bundling and reinforcement.

Such as goods bundling in the logistics, sling connection, steel cable rod connection and so on.          

Surface treatment: generally for electroplating, hot plating two kinds, mainly to prevent the effect of corrosion.

The turnbuckle is telescopic with the screw, which can adjust the tightness of the wire rope.

The components can be bundled in the component transport and loose in the installation correction.           

The utility model is composed of an adjusting rod, a nut and a pull rod with left and right threaded threads, and the adjusting rod is also composed of a guard against loosening device connected by a cover plate, a fixed plate and a guide plate with an anti-theft loosening bolt.

When we are using it, a special supporting sleeve must be used to unlock the anti-theft anti loose bolts.

The anti-theft effect is good, safe and reliable. After the dismantling and loosening device is dismantled, it is not needed to be taken off.

The movable ring can be adjusted and operated with a distance on the guide plate along the rod, so it is easy to use.

It has the advantages of simple structure, easy processing, low cost and strong practicability.

It is especially suitable for electric power lines, especially as the positioning device of the tension rod of the high pressure tower.


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