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An Interpretation Of The Advantages Of Flat Suspenders

Jun 05, 2017

1, flat strap can provide a wide, smooth bearing surface, for lifting soft objects especially applicable, the smooth agent spraying treatment of lifting material damage is negligible. 2, flat strap safety factor is higher, can be produced 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 times times the safety factor of the sling, and can be color to identify the carrying capacity, more convenient. 3, Flat sling economic application, in order to improve your work efficiency while saving costs, and can continue to transform the focus point, effective protection of suspended objects. By virtue of these three points, flat straps in port terminals, chemical industry, steel, machinery and other industries play a huge role. As a professional hoisting belt manufacturer Taixing Guang Li Sling Co., Ltd. mainly produces metallurgical fixture, balanced hanging beam, lead rope, composite hoisting rope rigging, high-strength fiber sling, lifting chain rigging, injection rope, ladder, glass sling, seatbelt and other major series, hundreds of specifications of products, widely used in electricity, oil, electrical and mechanical, chemical, port, paper and other industries, products in the Three Gorges, the Yellow River Xiaolangdi project, Daya Bay nuclear power station, Qinshan nuclear power station and other domestic key projects have been widely used.

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