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DSL RIGGING:America G2130 Anchor Shackle

Jan 09, 2018

DSL RIGGING:America G2130 Anchor Shackle

G2130 shackle

Shackle is widely used in electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, machinery, railways, ports, mines, construction and other industries.           

Requirements for Shackles

1. All shackle should be smooth, no crack, sharp edges, burning and other defects.           

2. Prohibited the use of cast iron or steel shackle. The buckle can be forged by the sedation steel, and the shaft pin can be machined after the rod is forged.           

3.Shackle Can not be drilling or welding repair. After permanent deformation of the buckle and axle pin, no repair shall be made.           

4. When using shackles, the buckle and bolt should be checked, and no serious wear, deformation and fatigue crack are not allowed.                 

5. When using shackles,the horizontal spacing shall not be pulled, and the pin must be inserted into the safety pin.           

6. After the axle pin is properly assembled, the width of the buckle should not be reduced obviously, and the thread connection is good.           

7.All shackle can not exceed the safe load capacity.

In the rigging and lifting market, G209, G2130 type  bow shackle pin shackle, G2130 nut bow shackle, G210D type, G215D type shackle pin shackle, G2150D nut shackle, G2160 wide body bow type large tonnage shackle are the most used types.


If you have any questions for how to use shackles, please just contact us.


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