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DSL RIGGING: En 818-2 Lifting Chain Grade 8

Jan 05, 2018

DSL RIGGING: En 818-2 Lifting Chain Grade 8

Model:G80 Chain, en818-2 lifting chain

Material:Alloy Steel

Lifting chain can adjust the length of the chain according to the lifting height of lifting objects.

It is a necessary and important device for cranes. It plays an important role in improving the operation efficiency of cranes and enlarging the operation scope of cranes.               

In the same series of chain products, the varieties are divided according to the material used by the chain elements, the form of the chain accessories and the hinges.           

The chain of the same variety is divided according to the pitch, the number of rows, the width of the chain and the limit tensile load.           

The lifting chain is distinguished by the description:           

1.transmission chain: mainly used to transfer the chain of power.           

2.conveyor chain: mainly used to transport the chain of materials.           

3.traction chain: mainly used for pulling and lifting the chain.           

4. Special special chain: a chain which is mainly used for special mechanical devices  



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