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Eye & Eye Slings & Flat Nylon Lifting Web Sling

Jan 10, 2018

Eye & Eye Slings & Flat Nylon Lifting Web Sling

Model: Flat webbing sling

Advantages for using Flat webbing sling:

light weight, easy to use and carry.

No damage to the surface of lifting objects, stable lifting.

High safety and strength.

Bright and various colors, increased labor efficiency.

Corrosion resistance, good wear resistance and wide range of uses.

It can be used in port wharf, chemical industry, iron and steel, machinery, installation and others places.


The Flat Webbing Sling using the highest quality synthetic fiber as the raw material. Using advanced technology and equipment to finish the production. The webbing sling can be made in 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 times the safety factor according to customer requirements, and the production range of 0.5t-100t.

General we use international standard color to distinguish the different capacity, while we can also be distinguish them with bandwidth of the sling.

There is no damage to the surface of the suspended material during the lifting operation.            

According to different requirements of lifting environment, it can be divided into common, fireproof, fluorescent, high-strength, acid resistant, wear-resistant, oil repellent and waterproof webbing slings.


Tips for Using Webbing Slings

1. Never use the damaged slings.          

2. When lifting the objects, do not twist or hang the sling.  

3. Never make a sling knot.           

4. Avoid tearing off sewing parts or overloading work.

5. Never drag it when you move the sling.            

6. Never use over load.           

7. Every sling must be checked before every use.  

8. resistant to inorganic acid functional polyester, but is susceptible to organic acid damage.            

9. Polypropylene fiber is suitable for the use of places most resistant to chemical products.            

10. If the webbing sling is used in high temperature or any extreme condition, Please ask your supplier its specifications.

If you still have questions of webbing sling, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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