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Selection Of Steel Wire Ropes For Flat Straps

Jun 05, 2017

Because the steel wire rope is used in the hoisting of the structure to enhance the component, to wear the pulley, to make the noose and tether, and so on, it is in the very complicated stress state in the actual work. At work, there is not only tension, but also bending force, the friction between steel wire and steel wire. Therefore, how to reasonably choose the wire rope, so as to meet the requirements of the use, but also to achieve economic and security, it becomes very important work. In the selection of flat sling wire rope, in addition to considering the use of the requirements, should take a few of the requirements as the basis for selection: 1, to have enough strength to withstand the maximum load; 2, must have enough wear and resistance to bending strength, 3, must have the ability to withstand the impact of the force; the 1th is relatively easy to estimate, as the structure of the wire rope, can withstand how much load we can know from the experiment. The 2nd 3rd estimate is more difficult because the impact load is not a stable number, he is related to the operation, sometimes almost several times the normal load of tribute. Therefore, the choice must make the wire rope to consider the issue of reserve.

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