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Some Precautions In Use Of Electric Hoist For Wire Rope

Jun 05, 2017

1, wire rope electric hoist in the use of the process is strictly prohibited overload, should not be affected by the impact, in the strapping or lifting the demand, be careful not to make the wire rope directly contact with the sharp corners of the object, and in their contact to pad with wood, canvas, sack or other liner to prevent the sharp edges of the object damage wire rope and produce equipment and life accidents. 2, wire rope electric hoist in the use of the process must often check its strength, generally at least six months must conduct a comprehensive inspection or do strength test. 3, wire rope electric hoist in the use of the process, if the length is not enough, must be used to shackle connection, strictly prohibit the use of steel wire line wire rope in the way of long hanging objects, in order to avoid the resulting shear force. 4, wire rope electric hoist wear pulley, its edge should not rupture and gap.

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