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Rigging Equipment Grade 80 Lifting Screw Point/lifting Points

It is better to combine with lifting accessories,such as link ring,shackle,or hook.Simple,small,light and practical,all are suitable for rigging equipment.Strong compression resistance,wear resistance,can be used in a variety of lifting occasions.It can rotate 360 degrees and adjust the angle according to the actual needs.This kind product is rare in lifting accessories.

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Product Details

Rigging Equipment Grade 80 lifting screw point/lifting points

Material:High strengthen alloy steel for welded ring and round base bottom with thread

Safety factor:4 to 1.Sample for breaking test, manufacturing test tension is 2.5 times of the rated load

100% magnaflux crack detection

The biggest advantage is used rotating 360°according lifting operation occasions.Round base bottom and the thread of bolt are welded integrated,so that can be ensured the security of property.

Finishment:Painted in red and yellow.

The required specifications are selected according to tonnage or bolt diameter * bolt length.

The tonnage available varies from 0.3T to 10T, and the corresponding bolt diameter varies from 8mm*13mm bolt length to 48mm*50mm.

It is a hot selling product of our company, and the response is very good, with good quality assurance.

Warning: Staff or other objects should keep a safe distance from lifting heavy objects to prevent falling.

It is forbidden to use the product beyond the rated load.



Hot Tags: Save money for clients as the supplier or wholesale/More durable,flexible,and stronger abrasion resistance in performance/Can be rotated 360°and need to change the angle according to practical lifting operations/Round base bottom is welded with the bolt integrated,obviously ensure the safety of property
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