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Lifting Tools 320A Slip Hook With Safety Latch

Lifting tools as 320A eye slip hook with latch-small gadgets have a big role:it’s so light and simple that use absolutely convenient.Strong material,corrosion resistance,and toughness,these best qualities make it become one of the best-selling products overseas with a wide range of industries.A decisive position in lifting operation firmly grasp in the hand.More important for realizing is various production available!

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Product Details

Lifting Tools 320A Slip Hook With Safety Latch

Feature:Manufactured in China Grade80 U.S type eye slip hook with latch

Material:Stable and strong resistance alloy steel

Heat treatment:Well quenched and tempered

Type:320A and 320C two marketable types

Size:from 0.75T to 50T available

Color:powdered in red and yellow

Products marked with CE,tonnage and measurement in U.S

Certificate:EN and CE

Factor to Safety:4 to 1,after 20000 times stress cycle test.

Using combined with Grade 80 lifting accessories which composed lifting tools,esempio:link series,shackle series,chain  series and wire rope etc.


Hot Tags: Save money for clients as the supplier or wholesale/More durable, flexible,and stronger abrasion resistance in performance/The best-selling product
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